It seems to say the same thing over and over again about VBA,
In short, More haste,less speed.
"I learned VBA in a book, but I was frustrated, please do something"
There are many people who consult with us.
When I asked him about it, everyone said "I don't know about functions"
As if they had pressed the judgment,
How many people say, “I don’t, need functions, so teach me VBA." 
In conclusion, if you don't even understand worksheet functions,
It's really rare to be able to master VBA.
Isn't the incomprehension of VBA because he neglects its functions?
VBA is a tool that even non-programmers can use casually,
It's not that easy.
I know a lot of non-programmers who do VBA programming,
Their turn to skill up is everyone.
Worksheet functions → following the course of VBA. 
Worksheet functions are no longer enough! and dabble in VBA. 
They only have the skills of worksheet functions to be able to judge
"I can't do it anymore!"
I understand the feeling of wanting to master VBA as easily as possible,
People who hate studying like that probably don't even understand
The concept of variables.
Variables stick with more than using VBA. 
We can also use VBA to generate worksheet functions. 
For example, if you have a genius brain that admits to yourself
And others with an IQ of 130 or higher,
Even if you skip various things, you may be able to master VBA. 
If not, I don't have to say the rest.