For someone who runs a small business like nyacom, a very big problem comes along.
That is the looming invoice system and the Electronic Book Preservation Act.
As the timing of their approaches, various seminars are being held.

There is a certain percentage of businesses that do not need the invoice system (if you don’t know, google it) at all.
The lecturers at all seminars all emphasized that “please judge carefully.”
I have taken lectures from several people, and the content does not seem to differ much depending on the lecturer.
Therefore, if you want to know more about the invoice system, I recommend that you take seminars through easy-to-access channels.
There are many things that you can attend and participate in for free, so I think it would not hurt to look into them.
I felt that there was not much difference in the content depending on the instructor.
I think there is a difference between good and bad speaking depending on the instructor.
I heard the lecturer preface it with his personal opinion and say, “The Electronic Book Preservation Law is good, but the invoice system is bad.”
By the way, the seminar structure of this lecturer is very easy to understand,
I was really glad I took his course.

As for the other method of keeping electronic books, I feel that there are too many differences in the content of lectures depending on the lecturer.
There are smart instructors whose lectures are easy to understand, polite, and unbiased,
I won’t give out names, but there are some instructors who I think are just salespeople of a certain cloud software.
Of course, I recommend the former, but you won’t know the content until you take the course.

In particular, the latter was a consultant for the title of small and medium-sized enterprise management consultant.
This instructor was the type of instructor who confessed that he could not use Excel while degrading Excel.
I can’t write the content of the course in detail,
The total amount of work has not changed, but the amount of work has decreased because part of the work has been outsourced! and
The moment I heard the instructor speak loudly, I found myself pressing the exit button on Zoom w

Listening to the lecturer of the salesman of this specific company,
I couldn’t help but say, “This is why the humanities are here.”
I’m also a Kotekote humanities.
This instructor never explained that the outsourced money would be charged later.
This is propaganda.
Advertising in the name of the seminar is biased in content, so you should stop taking it.

There is no evidence,
I have a criterion that “He can’t use consulting that can’t use Excel.”
There are various types of consulting, but especially in the fields of management and money.
Although they are a profession that deals with money, they cannot use Excel, which is reasonable and has a low hurdle to introduction.
Such people cannot teach your company reasonable and necessary and sufficient business flows and methods.

By the way, the smart instructor mentioned above showed how to search for electronic books using Excel.
He can explain in concrete detail.
He teaches us how small, cash-strapped companies can compete.
I thought that if there were only people like him, they wouldn’t have to say, “This is why I have a humanities background.”

By the way, if you use Excel VBA, you can deal with searching electronic books without difficulty.
Electronic data emitted from here can be easily saved automatically with a search function.
I think people with skills have already done it.
You should acquire excel skills and not be left behind.