We also offer VBA course lessons at Nyacom. 
Although this is a VBA course used in practical work,
it is not available to those who have not enrolled
in the Advanced Worksheet Function Course.
This is because the VBA course used in practice
and the function advanced course are set.
And one more thing.
This is because a significant percentage
of VBA applicants are beginners in Excel.
Even if beginners take a VBA course,
they probably won't understand 1/10th. 
VBA also has an IF syntax,
and worksheet functions may also be called and used in VBA.
By the way, in the VBA course used in practice,
worksheet functions are not explained. 
In the Advanced Functions course,
you use worksheet functions to semi-automatically create invoices
for each customer.
Compared to the situation where you are creating invoices
by hand from time to time,
Although it is semi-automatic,
the operational efficiency is literally a huge difference.
To reach even greater heights,
complete automation, VBA is needed.
Since it is already semi-automated in the function advanced course,
The role of VBA in VBA courses will be quite limited.
There are many people who hesitate
when they hear that it is limited,
As far as VBA is concerned,
I think this is a big advantage. 
Because many of them who learned VBA in books but were frustrated,
This is because they have tried to learn a wide range evenly and failed.
Before that, most of those who were frustrated,
It is also true that there are many Excel beginners
who do not even know worksheet functions.
I suggest they try learning worksheet functions before VBA.
Only for beginners,
"I don't need something as powerless as a function."
Say and try to challenge VBA recklessly.
We will also give lessons to meet expectations,
Cultivated when learning worksheet functions,
Because they skip the important process of "knowing the behavior of Excel",
Even if I explain using words and visuals here,
It is useless because there is no basic part of the student's Excel,
Time and effort are often wasted.
To put it bluntly,
worksheet functions are by no means powerless.
I don't know of a single person who can't use functions
but can use VBA well.
(I see a lot of the opposite.)
I think that there are probably learning steps that make it easy
to absorb knowledge and skills.
Just as someone who doesn't understand the INDEX function
can't understand the concept of VBA variables. 
And to many of those who take on such reckless challenges,
"As long as I memorize all my knowledge, I can master VBA!"
There is a pretense that I think.
This is also a big mistake.
Both VBA and worksheet functions actually move your hand,
It is something that you learn while repeating failures.
When it comes to Excel and especially VBA learning,
I think "hurry up and get around" is the correct answer.
If you are a beginner and want to learn VBA,
you should first learn worksheet functions. 
For the above reasons, unless you are a teenager or other young person,
VBA lessons for beginners are not permitted.