In the one-day course and intermediate course of Nyacom,
the following lessons are offered. 
Combine functions to derive the desired result from the data. 
Most people do not consciously distinguish between data,
that is easy to process and data that is not. 
In Nyacom, it deepens further from there.
"So how do you get the results you want?"
You will learn a specific method like this.
From the most popular INDEX function related,
It would be hard to think of without practical experience,
Until that rare combination. 
It is relatively easy to understand from the most frequent combinations,
In addition, we collected items that are likely to dramatically improve 
the efficiency and speed of subsequent tabulation work. 
I think it will make a big difference in your Excel life after that,
or rather, your career as a professional.
If you would like a lesson, Niigata City Chuo-ku Nishihori Rosa 7
We are waiting for you at the Excel Skill Shop Nyacom!