It also appears in the “Case Study” on the top page of Nyacom,
Better Fortune Acupuncture RIRI” celebrated the first anniversary of its opening since it was moved to its current location.
It is also published in the daily Niigata article.


To commemorate its first anniversary,
Cute and delicious cat-shaped cookies are being distributed.
Distribution is until the end of May.
Not only cute, but also particular about the material,
It’s a cookie just like RIRI.
I think it’s worth coming to the salon for cookies.

RIRI’s building was renovated over a period of six months from a 100-year-old private house.
It seems that the owner plastered with her own hands.
It’s enviable that she can make a house with her own hands, isn’t it?
It is a very clean salon that does not make you feel the age of the building,
The moment you open the front door, you will be enveloped in a healing scent as if you were in the forest.
It’s like the smell of a new wooden house,
It’s somewhere between Green and Woody.

If you go upstairs, you will be fascinated by the plaster and huge beams.
The sink is made of wood that was used for stairs before the renovation.
Quite antique furniture is also used in active use,
It reminds me of the importance of using old but good things with care.
It’s such a new and antique salon, actually, there are even bigger presences in this salon.
Greetings from CATS on the 1st floor!!!
Thank you three!!!!!
They were all former protection cats,
Now it is the owner’s family.
RIRI also volunteers to find foster homes for animals.
Come to think of it, RIRI’s favicon on her website is a cat.
Niigata Animal Network‘s pamphlets are lined up in the salon,
I can really see that she is protective brats.
The cats at RIRI’s house all seem to be really happy.
I’m really glad I got it.

This salon has the warmth of wood,
Of course, you will be healed by the scent of the forest,
Acupuncture and relaxation are also healing.
On top of that, the cats are also healed.
It’s kind of a relieving house.