We  are holding a Microsoft Excel Intermediate and Advanced Skills Shop at Nishibori Rosa.  
There was a spy in the same industry at last lol 
It  was a middle-aged man who casually said 
"Tell me what kind of materials you use for free" lol 
I  will not teach such a thing lol. 
I also asked several questions, 
The spy said he had never used the INDEX function.  
The  INDEX function is necessary to do something algorithmic about worksheet functions. 
Without knowing this, it is impossible to improve operational efficiency in the visible way.  
In the first place, it will not be possible to explain specifically how to improve efficiency.  
To use an analogy, it's like someone who teaches a first grader to study and says they don't know what the third grader is doing.  
It's fine if you want to stay in the first or second grade all the time, 
but you want to go higher, right?  
Want to learn arithmetic from someone who doesn't understand fractions?  
Personally, I am a little dismayed by the Excel explanatory videos posted on the net ...  
There are also famous places that remain in the list of knowledge and introductions without experiencing so-called practical work.  
I recommend you Mr. Tanakas Offiece Tanaka.  
His commentary is very wonderful. 
The site is more recommended than the video. 
If you are going to study Excel in earnest from now on, 
I would like you to choose a classroom based on the quality of the instructor.  
You can choose because the fee is cheap, because the location of the  classroom is good, or because it is a major company, but the  result of everyone doing so far is the end of the IT tone deafness of the current Japan.  
At the very least, instructors who are working lessons every day with work efficiency in mind can convey the importance of essential data in an easy-to-understand manner.  
This is because we understand that the so-called hassle and cost will be different from that.  
The instructor of Nyacom is talented who have accumulated many years of practical experience at major companies.  
In the computer class only for the purpose of acquiring qualifications, 
you can also take VBA lessons that are impossible to do. 
From this, you can see that the quality of the instructors is unusual. 
Not only will you improve your Excel, 
but you'll also learn how to work in a prime company at the same time.  
We also offer courses that allow you to make a summary table in one popular day.  
Please feel free to join us for the lesson.