Recently, we have been receiving many inquiries about VBA lessons.

I am very grateful.


Right now, in nyacom, the file that you want to automate of the office work,

We offer lessons instead of textbooks.

Well, it means that you can learn VBA while improving work efficiency by practice.

Of course, the data uses dummies.

Although it is possible to give basic lessons to individuals who are not business establishments,

If you don’t know the behavior of Excel, I think that VBA is too high a hurdle.

If you are under intermediate level, we recommend that you take a worksheet function lesson.


VBA is also very similar to worksheet functions, so it has different VBA functions, so

It doesn’t work if you don’t have some understanding of what a function is.

Understanding worksheet functions is much easier than understanding VBA, and

You can use worksheet functions, but not VBA.

The reverse is not very very very very rare.


Excel beginners tend to underestimate worksheet functions,

In nyacom, teach how to use it that probably 99% of people have never seen before.

Even if the seemingly high-level skills required,

Too often, worksheet functions are all it takes.

That is why the use of worksheet functions has not penetrated the world.


For these reasons, if you would like to take VBA lessons, we will ask you what your Excel skill level is.

If you are an intermediate or higher level student who can tolerate VBA learning,

We will respond to consultation on curriculum and tuition fee guidelines again.


VBA is powerful enough to automate most things once you get it.

There are so many people who get frustrated because they can’t get there.

Worksheet functions are also great for practicing algorithms and the like.

The pre-programming stage will be good brain training.

For these reasons, we will check your skills before taking VBA.

Thank you for your understanding.