All the best.
It was already the middle of November.
I think I just bought a calendar for 2022.
It will be cold from now on,
but NYACOM will brace itself and do its best.
From this month,
I have been leaving Nishibori and conducting a visiting course.


Every Monday from 7 p.m.,
The location is Enjoy Life Club Nagata in Nagata, Chuo-ku, Niigata City,
I give lectures for non-beginners.
If you are a member of Enjoy Life Club Nagata,
you can take the course as many times as you like.
The content of the course changes weekly,
and all of them are essential for stepping up to the intermediate level.
The course lasts only 1 hour.
Although it is a short time, it is packed with contents.
If you are already a member,
please take this opportunity to take this course.
For more information,
Please contact here for details.