Today I would like to talk about what a function is in the first place.

I'll skip the hard part.

Application software may be said to be a collection of functions.

For example, in Excel, if you select Insert from a cell on the Home tab,

You can insert cells, insert rows or columns, insert sheets,

There is a function embedded in a button or something,

Press the button to insert the function.

The function is specific to the button and has limited functionality.

What about worksheet functions?

Worksheet functions are used to derive the desired results from the data.

If necessary, you can also combine several functions.

This may be the best part of worksheet functions.

I think that the real thrill is also a feeling that is difficult

To understand for beginners,

If you improve your skills and become an intermediate or advanced person,

I think you will be nodded.

This is a bit of a digression, but improving your function skills and

Improving your language skills are quite similar.

The longer you both are in touch, the faster you will improve.

It's the same with the fact that the younger you are,

The faster you swallow.

In terms of language learning, words and idioms are equivalent

To worksheet functions in Excel.

For example, in English, you combine words

And idioms into sentences to communicate with each other.

Similarly, Excel combines several functions to get the results you want.

Just as there is English grammar when making a request, when giving an order,

Worksheet functions also have conventions.

In order to acquire this rule,

You need to touch Excel as much as possible.

The rules themselves are not that difficult.

It is the kind of thing that you will naturally wear

If you touch it on a daily basis.

If you don't wear it,

It's because you don't have much time to touch it.

I can assure you of this.

Those who lament that they do not improve easily,

Don't give up and try to get more opportunities to

Get in touch with Excel.

You don't have to think about it

Without making a mistake from the beginning.

After all, there is skill improvement beyond the mountain of failure.