This is an example of Abu-cho, Yamaguchi Prefecture, but why does this happen?

Still by hand, with floppies.

But I guess every government office in Japan is like this.

It seems that Niigata City is also doing the tabulation work by hand.

It just so happened that the mispayment came to light in the town of Abu in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

I think similar errors will happen in every municipality.

Yet most municipalities regard the incident as a fire on the other side of the river.

No one has taken precautions.

Even now, Japanese government offices are trying to deal with it not scientifically, but with grit and guts.

They have not taken any fail-safe measures in case of an error.

It is understandable if they continue to do manual work for some serious reason.

But it’s not, it’s just precedentalism.

I can write it in English only, but I really think that Japanese officials are tax thieves from top to bottom.

The exceptions are the police, the fire, and I think this is the last bastion.

I don’t agree with the gist of non hometown tax payments.

Because in the municipality where we live, we are taking out garbage and using sewerage,

Paying taxes to different municipalities caught by beef, shrimp or scallops is

It makes me feel uncomfortable.

But if they treat this mispayment in an old-fashioned way, they make a mistake.

In addition, there is no system to follow up on the mistake.

If they say “properly” or “firmly” in their mental theory, they will not make mistakes!

The feeling that you do not want to pay taxes to the municipality that I seriously think,

I get it.

Not only does it prevent errors from happening, but it also prevents errors from occurring.

In the unlikely event of an error, how can they minimize the damage?

I think it’s a great job to build a fail-safe system.

Frankly, if there was even one staff member in Abucho who could use Excel,

Such a ridiculous mistake would not have occurred.

Data reconciliation and posting work is a field that Excel is good at.

I have been working for a long time in the sales planning department of a private company,

Use Excel not only for accounting departments but also for sales departments!

I have been insisting for a long time,

Unexpectedly, it may be that people in government offices urgently need to utilize Excel like this.

However, today’s bureaucracy in Japan will not be able to use Excel alone.

Most of them are working the way they did 100 years ago.

It seems that they don’t want to change the way they did a long time ago in the future.