You will learn the IF function at the beginning of the curriculum.
As many of you may know, the IF function is an important function that is responsible for case division, that is, conditional branching.
Since conditional branching is used not only in Excel but also in programming in general, it is very useful to remember it later when learning Python etc.
In addition, the curriculum of IF functions has two main steps, and we will give detailed lessons so that you can use IF functions statically and dynamically.
Is it an image that if there is a change in the parameter of something static, it is necessary to change the formula every time, and if it is a little change with dynamic, it is possible to respond without touching the formula?
Of course, using functions dynamically requires advanced skills because it becomes more complicated, but the feeling of using the file itself feels much more convenient, so I would like you to master it by all means.
Nyacom uses easy-to-understand examples as original text. Since it can be applied in practice, I recommend that you take this course not only for skill improvement but also for improving work efficiency.