When people hear Excel or spreadsheets,
Many people say, "Isn't that the job of accounting?"
Actually, there are departments that use it more variously than accounting.
It is a department called sales, so-called sales planning.
The Accounting Department is mainly responsible for the paperwork necessary for tax returns.
Well, there are other aspects such as grasping the management state,
Because the form of this tax return is strictly decided,
I think it's safe to say that the format will be somewhat routine.
However, in order to create a forecast and actual management etc.
That is responsible for grasping the sales situation,
This is the right answer! There is no such thing.
There are KPIs and so on, well, there are various things,
There are as many ways to do it as there are department heads and managers.
Therefore, when analyzing and processing data,
It is broader than the accounting department,
High-level skills are often required.
You never know where the ball is going to come from.
In order to respond to this,
Qualifications such as those represented by M●S alone are useless,
More advanced knowledge and skills are required.
Qualifications can be acquired only by memorizing the range of questions,
What is required in practice is not memory ability, but thinking ability.
Rather than remembering a solution that already exists,
Find the optimal solution on your own.
There is a very large gap between the former and the latter,
Most people don't even recognize the simple fact that there is a gap.
And if you don't understand this, you can't use software digitally.

If you read this blog post and understand the above well,
It can be said that you’re a person who is suitable for software.
I would like such people to hone their skills and renew their administrative departments.
The cause of the decline in the Japan economy over the past few decades is
I think it's largely due to the ageing and failed to digitize.
In Nyacom, most people probably haven't seen it,
You can learn innovative and practical ways to use it in lessons.
If you want to speed up your indirect departments a little smarter and more accurately,
Excel is a great item.
Learn more about the lessons here. 
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