Actually, my family went to visit Isasumi Shrine nearly 20 years ago.
It was still before the shrine caught fire, and there was a big sign that looked like Ikkyu-san,
I feel like there was low-tech playground equipment such as wheel throwing.
By the way, we were able to throw a wheel for free,
I remember putting two out of five bottles in.
The fire destroyed the temple and is still only partially rebuilt.


This is a rebuilt place of worship, but for some reason there is a votive pillar of Niigata Broadcasting.
The dog at the entrance is cute.

伊佐須美神社狛犬あ 伊佐須美神社狛犬うん

These dogs look familiar.
The last time I saw it, I guess I thought it was cute.
And then there’s this sign.


There is a cute cow by this sign!


It seems that you say that it is a stroke cow, and it is not only cute,
If you stroke it three times, your wish will come true!!!
As far as I remember, there must have been another cow.
I feel like the color was more whitish,
Maybe it’s a misremembering thing.
I have a good memory of having a cute cow.