There is a rush to raise prices everywhere.

Finally, there was a notice of a price increase in the shipping fare of Mercari, an ally of the common people.

Nonetheless, thanks to Mercari Power, which has a large number of users

Even after the price increase, the fare is much more reasonable than shipping by individuals.

However, after all, it hurts to raise prices.

Due to the impact of cost push inflation, transportation companies must also be struggling.

“Raku Raku Mercari s hipping” and “Yu Yu Mercari shipping” that can only be used at Mercari,

The fare is determined by the size and weight, but it is quite complicated.

In addition, there are many cases where it is advantageous to use standard mail or non-standard mail that anyone can use.

If you are accustomed to Mercari from day to day, you may have the fare list in your head,

People who only occasionally exhibit at Mercari have a hard time finding the lowest fare.

Excel is useful at such a time.

Making such a tool like a quick reference table is what Excel is good at.

【End of 20220615】Mercari fare quick reference table

↑ Enter and select the 3 sizes and weights of the package after packing in this quick reference table,

It will show you the lowest fares. (up to 10th)

In addition, macros are not used (extension xlsx), so there is no need to worry about viruses.

At the time of writing this article, the above tools are still available.

Please download and try using it.

We plan to upload the price revision version after 2022/6/16.

We will improve it to make it even easier to use, so please look forward to it until then.