This is a scene I saw when I visited a certain office.
Several people were exchanging business cards,
Everyone is exchanged at the same angle and in a fixed mold,
It was like watching an idol group dance or some choreography.
Perhaps as part of employee education,
they invited a manners instructor to instruct them.
They were exchanging business cards in exactly the same posture and gesture.
Personally, I wonder if there are no rules or anything for card exchanges...
People who belong to famous companies called "ferocious people" are also
I have the experience of having the impression that
the exchange of business cards is different for each person.
Well, this is a strange way of saying it,
but I guess it is the means of the manners instructor's livelihood.
It's good enough to be half-jokingly grinning,
I wondered if I should take it too seriously.
If you are really an office worker,
you can use your paperwork processing ability,
If you are a salesperson, you can use your original sales skills,
I think it is definitely better to take a course to enhance each of them.
There is a big gap between what you can really do when you think you have done it.
Excel skills also have a big gap between "knowing" and "using".
Of course, it is absolutely better to be able to use it anyway,
Just knowing it can make a big difference in business efficiency.
At Nyacom, we also offer courses for those who
want to absorb only knowledge.
Please feel free to join us for the lesson.