It takes about an hour to be rocked by a bus from in front of Aizuwakamatsu Station.
We arrived at a bus stop called Yokomachi.
This is the nearest bus stop to Isasumi Shrine.


About 5 minutes on foot from the bus stop, you can see the entrance of Isasumi Shrine.
However, in front of it is Namae Shokudo, which has a reputation for delicious ramen.
Actually, the ramen in this cafeteria is also the purpose of the trip.
It’s still early for lunch, but I’m getting a little hungry.
I wonder if I can eat lightly about 1 cup of ramen with a margin,
While thinking about such things, when I was looking for Namae Shokudo,


I saw something sticker.
If I looked closely, there was a letter “closed today”
I’ve reviewed it two or three times, but it still seems to be a regular holiday.
Oh, there’s sweat coming out of my eyes and I can’t see the letters, Patrash.
Look at a lot of comments and images on Google Maps,
I was super looking forward to it ( ́;ω;’)
I was going to order Chinese soba and mini grilled-pork bowl (; ́Д’)
What the (^o^)
For the time being, I will regain my mind and head to Isasumi Shrine.
On the way through the torii, with a bronze statue of someone,


I found something like a well with an atmosphere where Sadako was about to come out.


In both cases, the entrance is blocked and cannot be approached,
The truth remains a mystery.