In Nyacom, the word "predictive management" is frequently encountered.
I think that those in the management department often use it.
Sometimes, "I keep accounting books, but I don't know about forecast management."
I am surprised that there is a black business owner who says.
Since it is obligatory to keep books at the time of tax return,
I guess they are reluctantly keeping accounting books as they are told.
However, there is also the merit of keeping books,
Good or bad business conditions, for example, how many assets and liabilities are there,
It seems that profits are expected to be this much and the cost is so much
You can check it right away, right?
The equivalent of the books of the accounting department is
In the sales and sales planning departments, it becomes forecast and actual management.
What percentage of sales are you currently targeting?
Mr. ○○ of sales is likely to achieve 110% for 4 consecutive years, etc.,
Many companies design to automatically aggregate data in Excel when it is updated.
Excel is deployed by every company and requires no additional investment.
It seems that even expensive RPA can not be done,
You can easily create nifty tools that can reach the itchy spot.
In a place where they conduct business with objective figures regardless of the size of the scale
We always manage forecasts and realities.
There are almost no exceptions.
Also, I can't say this out loud,
It is a black company that does not manage the forecast.
I'm just saying this in a very narrow part of my acquaintances,
But I think I'm telling the truth.
Because their standards are not clear, they are always wavering.
Because it is shaky, it is not possible to process automatically.
I have the impression that there are as many personal tasks as there are in such places.
If you are a manager who wants to get out of a black company,
If you want to change jobs from a black company to a white company,
If you want to learn how to use Excel practically and efficiently,
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