Nyacom is a programming class, but fatally it can’t draw an optical line.
At the time of the tenancy contract, there was an explanation from the person of Niigata City that the optical line could be drawn,
It isn’t true.

So why can’t we catch optical lines?
In fact, Niigata Underground Development, the landlord and management company, did not know the lot number assigned by N TT, and it was impossible to make a contract with a line company.
At the same time that I was stunned by the tremendous sloppy work of the landlord,
I almost recoiled at NTT’s unwillingness to let the collaborators pull the line.
NTT temporary staff? I also get angry at the trough around with the shield.
People with higher wages do not flee to safety zones and take responsibility,
Dispatch operators who are being used for low wages will respond to everything with a back-and-forth basis.
They can pretend to be doing that kind of work and get paid well, I’m envious.
Speaking of pretending to be working, so is Niigata City.
The person in charge of the challenge shop here seems to be not good at report,
“How many people are participating?”
Niigata City “3 people” is actually 4 people.
“Do I need a projector?”
Niigata City “unnecessary” actually absolutely necessary lol
Incompetent to say the least.
But this incompetent, when I consulted with a lawyer to draw an optical line using the bar association request,
It was a far cry from the incompetence of the previous one, and it was jamming it with a speed like light.
I have already clearly understood that officials are the enemies of the citizens.
To foreigners who can read this and Japanese who are good at English,
The reality of Niigata City is like this.
If you are thinking of moving to a hometown tax payment, please check again and think again.