I went to visit Hakusan Shrine in late August.
From Nishibori Rosa where Nyacom is located, to Hakusan Shrine,
It takes about 15 minutes on foot.
It is just the right distance for a walk.

白山神社手水舎1 白山神社手水舎2

The wind chime festival was held like in summer, and there ware many wind chimes on the ceiling of the roof of Watering spot.
Not only was it cute, but when the wind blew, a cool tone resonates all at once.


Due to the influence of Covid19, water was flowing as thin as a thread.
I have been praying that humanity will overcome Covid19 as soon as possible.


By the way, ladies and gentlemen,
Did you know that there is a shrine behind the Hakusan Shrine?
I’ve lived in Niigata for many years and don’t know anything about secret shrine until recently.
We’re going through a dimly lit underpass.
It’s kind of exciting.