I would like to advertise a little about the popular one-day course in Nyacom.

It is a course that can make a performance table in one day for busy people.

I’ve been using Excel until now, but worksheet functions are not so much…”

It is intended for those who say.

If you’re thinking, “I know a little bit about functions, so they don’t matter to me,”

Wait a minute.

In fact, a significant percentage of people who pride themselves

on being intermediate using Excel for 10 or 20 years

In fact, the reality is that they have only beginners skills.

There is also a frightening gap between knowing and being able to use.

Most people have to relearn from the copy-paste method.

Other data formats that can be processed efficiently, etc.

Most people are not even conscious of things that are included in the one-day course.

Specifically, if you are at a level where you are using the VLOOKUP function in a poppy way,

We recommend that you take the one-day course.

The main dish of the one-day course is the INDEX function.

It is this INDEX function that has a huge difference in skill

between what can be used and what can not be used,

Those who are taught functions for the first time seem to have a little difficulty.

If you’re relatively young up to your 30s, or

even a little bit when you’re young (regardless of your current age)

If you have experience touching functions, swallowing is also quick,

If you are not confident enough to use the INDEX function,

We recommend that you take the beginner course.

The beginner course is a course that only removes the INDEX function

from the one-day course.

It is very useful if it is a simple aggregation work,

It’s unlikely that you will give up without understanding.

I think you can feel free to participate.

Conversely, if you have to improve your Excel skills

by any means to improve business efficiency,

We definitely recommend taking a one-day course.

Reservations are accepted from here.