At nyacom, we mainly teach lessons on how to use Excel that can withstand practical use in the company.
It is not a lesson for acquiring qualifications as represented by MOS. 
When I was a salaryman, I worked with persons who said "I have a MOS".
 However, there were 0 people who were able to do the basic tabulation work! 
There were 0 people, there really wasn't one. 
So why did the company hire qualified personnel? 
And what did the hired person get the qualification for? 
The reason why MOS is not at all socially well positioned may be because such discrepancies are sometimes seen. 
If anything, MOS is asked whether he or she knows how to operate it, and there are almost no questions that test the thinking ability and logic necessary for practice.
It's much better to have broad knowledge than not to have it, but what is still needed in real work is to find the shortest route and handle it quickly and accurately. 
The curriculum of the lessons at nyacom was created by the staff who were making buoy-buoy in practice, such as processing large amounts of data, automating that processing, etc.
Everything is original for maximum performance in the shortest time. 
It is a deep and useful content that does not appear in commercial books, or even in Google searches.
Lessons are by appointment only. Please make a reservation from here.
We will wait for you at Nishihori Rosa in Chuo-ku, Niigata City.